It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.


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*long sigh*

It is late and I have just pulled myself out of bed away from my snoring husband, in hope that he wouldn’t hear my desperate attempt of withholding my sobs…

It’s been a while since my last post and although this may not be the most uplifting post, I thought I’d write.

Today was just one of those days that by the end of the day you just fall into a lump. It wasn’t overally hard, neither were my babies being abnormally difficult…You just feel this way every now and again…everything seems too hard! And you get sick and tired of the same old – cleaning, washing, cooking, nappies, and the list goes on.

I know that I am blessed with two healthy beautiful children, with a husband that loves me and with everything I could possibly need! I do…but I think as women we need to have that cry every once in a while…the build up of all those emotions we feel everyday just being…released…through big, hot, (ugly) tears. But I know I will wake up tomorrow and feel as though today was nothing, I always do! And everything will be perfect again and I will be living the life I had always dreamed…

…Afterall, tomorrow is another day…a new day!

CG xx


I heart online shopping!


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The last few weeks I’ve gone a little crazy with buying beauty products. I thought I would share what I’ve bought and what I think about each of them. I’m going to spread it over a few posts though because otherwise this will be long and boring 🙂

Here in Australia, we don’t really get a whole lot of makeup brands and if we do they usually cost a fortune! In my opinion, online shopping is best when buying cosmetics. I was looking in Priceline the other day for new foundation and I came across Revlon Photoready. It was $36!! I know that over in America Revlon is considered a cheaper brand so I thought I’d look on ebay for my colour. I found it for $15!! Isn’t that crazy!? I can’t beleive we bump it up another $20. So ridiculous. So my advice to you – look online first! I have saved so much money…and probably spent a whole lot more too haha!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Ebay $11)


I’ve been hearing so much about the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain from other blogs, so naturally I had to try it out for myself! I’m pretty sure we don’t have it in Australia yet, only the ones that look a bit like texta (I had to double check that spelling – does that look strange to you?!). Unlike most lip stains, this is really quite moisturising and a little bit glossy. It’s really nice to wear! One bad thing is that…ok let me try to explain this right! Once it’s worn off a bit, there’s still quite a bit colour left just where the ‘outter lip’ meets the ‘inner lip’. Does that make sense or just sound really gross!? ha! It can just look weird if you don’t keep an eye on it. I guess it might be because my lips can get pretty dry and the stain might accentuate that? (*note to self to exfoliate before applying this next time!) I do think this could be easily avoided so I still love this balm stain. I am really interested in trying the other colours though, hopefully they come to Australia soon!

This isn’t my swatch but I just thought I would put it up so you can see how glossy the colours are.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (Big W $13)


I actually love this! For those of you who didn’t know, BB stands for Blemish Balm. I don’t beleive it covers all blemishes but it definitely gives me enough coverage that I feel comfortable to leave the house wearing only this & mascara! I love the smell of it (reminds me of summer!), and how it leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and dewy. If you have oily skin, you may not like this because it can leave your face looking a bit shiny but you can always apply powder afterwards. I just thought I should add too, I bought the medium but I probably should’ve gone for the light as it is a bit to dark for me. I would definitely recommend this – it’s affordable, perfect for those always on the run, and just an allrounder great product!

I’ve still got a bunch of other products that I want to share with you but I will post about them another time! I feel a cold coming on & need to sleep 😦

Have a great weekend!

CG xx


Limecrime Lipstick


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So this lipstick is a little daring and bright but I love everything about this product! They have the cutest names, they are so creamy and pigmented, they don’t dry out and the are only $15.99!

I have tried the light pink and nude lipstick (i’m not daring enough to try the others!), here are photos of what they look they in real life.

This is my beautiful sister wearing Great Pink Planet

Love this colour! This is me wearing Coquette (I realise it’s a little hard to see but itisnude!)

How cute is it! I love the packaging. These are addictive, once you buy one you’ll want more.

On the down-side, I had heard that they make your lips appear dry but I don’t agree! It’s probably not great on chapped lips (like any lipstick) but just exfoliate and moisturise before applying. Also, some of the brighter colours can stain your lips, but I don’t have a problem with this either – they did say they are long lasting!

I’ve got these two in mail at this minute! 😀

On the website they described the orange lipstick (Cosmopop) as “Buttery, softened orange — think creamsicle”. Doesn’t that sounds so delicious!!

I can’t wait to try out my new colours!

CG xxx

What Winter is all about


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I have a love/hate relationship with Winter. I hate the dark, cold mornings but then I love to rug up with my husband eating deliciously warm desserts watching movies by the heater…


A dessert I made last night was the classic apple crumble (everyone’s favourite!). It is quick, easy & consists of ingredients which are most likely already in your cupboard! (I used coconut instead of almonds and it tastes just as good.)


Here is the recipe.

I LOVE Exclusively Food. It is the first place I look for those favourite dishes/desserts. I love how they have photos for each step and their instructions are so clear. I’ve never gone wrong!

I’m pretty sure hot apple crumble and Winter are made for each other…and vanilla ice-cream of course 🙂
My mouth’s watering just thinking about it!

CG xxx

Make memories because no one can take them away!


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A friend of mine was telling me on the weekend about this thing she has just started up for her little girls. She created an email address for each of them and whenever one of the girls does or says something adorable or hilarious, she sends off a quick email to them attaching a video, photo or a little message to later read in life.

I thought that was such an amazing idea! I always tell myself that I should start up a scrapbook but it’s so time consuming! Sending an email is so simple and you can do it from anywhere! It’s less mess and it’s easier to sort and search a specific memory. I’m not sure about you but sometimes I freak out at the thought that all my photos might one day get wiped off my hard drive. This will definitely keep my mind at ease.

My inspiration…my bundles of joy!

CG xxx


My baby is growing up!

Amongst many of my projects is one that I can’t wait to get started!
It is to transform the nursery for my little girl into a toddlers room! Although it is a bit daunting having her move into a big bed (she’s growing up tooo quickly!), I can’t wait to redecorate.

I’m thinking very girly, ruffles and whimsy!

A little while ago I found this bespread that I fell in love with instantly


Online it was going to cost about $120 for the single bedspread and a cushion.

Not long after that though I came across this!

This was a massive bargain – $90 down to $20!

It isn’t as frilly as the pink one but I thought I could always add a few extras if I really wanted to (or could be bothered!)

I bought this bed on Gumtree too. Brand new beds are expensive!! This was only $100 for both the mattress and bed. It was handcrafted by the owner’s next door neighbour too! I thought it was so cute!

These rooms inspire me!

It’s so hard to find just one idea and stick to it, there’s millions to choose from!! It will be so fun though. I love finding something I love and then trying to make it myself, it adds that personal touch.

Once I am well on my way with decorating I will make sure I give you guys an update on my progress and then the end result!

CG xx

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. ~Ernestine Ulmer

I love to bake!

There are those few recipes that I bake over and over again but I also love finding new recipes to try. I find it so relaxing but also exciting to see (and taste!) the result! My husband actually hates me baking just because it makes a mess…i’ll never understand that! Most husbands would love their wives baking right!?

Anyway, here are a few of my favourites that are always a hit!

Strawberry Shortcake

Who can resist strawberries and cream!? This is so simple but looks impressive…I love the shortbread biscuit, it is so flakey and just crumbles in your mouth. Try this! Have a look at Laura Vitale’s other recipes too, she’s an amazing cook. I love how she has videos to match each recipe. (click here for recipe)

Very Vanilla Peach Meringues

This recipe I got from the recipe book Marie Claire: Luscious

Banana Cream Pie

I have made this about three times and I love it! Banana and cream is a match made in heaven!! I am still trying to perfect the pastry but it’s pretty easy other than that. It’s making my mouthing watering just thinking about it! What I wouldn’t do for some of that banana custard right now…(click here for recipe)

Mini Raspberry Melting Moments

These are what I turn to when I need to make something last minute. I always try to keep frozen raspberries in my freezer and then everything else I usually always have in my cupboard. The recipe is super easy and they turn out perfect everytime! The trick is to make them teeny tiny so they are just a biteful. They are quite sweet but so addictive! (click here for recipe)

Do try out one of these delicious desserts and feel free to share any recipes that you love to make!

CG xxx

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world.~T’ien Yiheng

I heard about this type of green tea called Gunpowder Green Tea a while ago but I have only begun drinking it these last few weeks. I used to scrunch up my nose at just the mention of green tea but this stuff is amazing! It is so refreshing and just has a really pleasant taste; I now have about 3 cups a day! It’s especially nice after meals to just cleanse and help digestion.

This is what it looks like:

You take a pinch of these tightly curled balls (approx. 3 balls), add with boiling water and they open up into larger leaf particles and float at the bottom of your mug . You HAVE to try it. You can buy it from those little Asian shops for only about $4! (Such a bargain considering T2 sells a measly 100g box for $10.95!)

I may have to buy this cute little glass teapot from T2 to make my experience just that bit better 😉

Gunpowder Tea Benefits at a Glance:

  • Gunpowder tea is full of antioxidants, which help with various things in the body – from digestion to the destruction of cancer-causing cells!
  • Contains a low dose of caffeine – not enough to keep you up at night, but it is enough to wake up your skin a bit, giving you a more healthy complexion.
  • Helps boost your metabolic rate, assisting you in burning fat.
  • It tastes great! Great tasting tea makes you happy – happiness is always great for your health right!?

Well after all this talk of Green Tea, I am off to get a top up!

Happy drinking!!

CG xxx

PS. Yes, I realise I just wrote a whole post on Green Tea! What can I say, I’m addicted! (No thanks to Jacque :))

Parties Parties Parties

So I realise that little Layla’s 2nd birthday is still 5 months away but I am already thinking about what to do for her birthday!
I love love love planning parties. I could spend all day on the internet browsing sites for ideas and inspiration.
There is this one website that I absolutely love! I dont tell many people about it because I like to keep all the ideas to myself ha! So keep it a secret 😉
It is called…

project nursery

The website has a gallery with tons of photos of real parties, baby showers and nurseries that people have uploaded. It is seriously amazing the effort people put into these. I got pretty much all of my ideas from here for my little girls’ room and birthday party. The only downside is that you end up with way too many ideas and then can’t decide what to choose 🙂

Isn’t this party so gorgeous!?



I love how they list off where they got everything, so handy! Although I do love the challenge of finding it myself and sometimes even making it myself!

Well the fun begins! I’ll be sure to put up a post closer to the date with the ideas/theme I end up deciding on 🙂

I hope you’ve found this website useful!

CG xxx

For all you Makeup Addicts

A while a go I discovered a website called Makeup Geek. It is one of my favourite sites full of makeup tips, video tutorials and reviews. Marlena is the founder and CEO of Makeup Geek and has also started a cosmetic line (MUG). She is currently studying at the Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris – so amazing! You can see her blog about her travels here. (Rach, you will love this.)

I love Marlena’s “Top 10” articles where she shares what she believes is best for products like M.A.C lipglosses, foundations, primers, brushes etc. I LOVE these articles! They are so informative and makes things so much easier when trying to decide on new products!

Unfortunately (for the hubby, not myself!) they also have an online store that ship to Australia without charging an arm and a leg! Yesterday I bought all the eyeshadows from her Top 10: Best Nyx Single Eyeshadows and I am so excited! The colours aren’t what I would usually choose but I love to experiment with different colours.

Here they are:

10.   Vanilla Shimmer

9.    Red Pink

8.   Copper

7.    Hunter Green

6.    Deep Charcoal

5.    Red Bean Pie

4.    Golden

3.    Lanikai

2.    Wild Fire

1.    Morocco

They are only $5 each but are super pigmented and have a huge range in colours. Oh I love online shopping. I should stop but I don’t! Next I think will be NYX Mega Shine Gloss 😉

So if you need a few tips, head to that website…trust me, you will be back!

CG xxx